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A) Yes. One can use a certified copy of their congratulatory letter in place of their final certificate. However, certified copies of all other certificates and/or exemption letters where applicable must be provided.
A) Our calendar year runs from January to December. In the event that one hasn't paid their subscriptions by mid-year, they are struck off the active list of membership and do not enjoy our services like the journal and the e-connect bulletin. Reminders are sent to those who have not paid to do so within the given time.Failure to pay annual subscriptions amounts to one not being in good standing membership
This can be immediately after acquiring ICPAR membership where one has the qualifications. For one to practice, they must be ICPAR members in good standing, who have not less than two years experience in independent audit.
This is Continuous Professional Development and comprise of structured (seminars, workshops and conferences), and unstructured (research, private reading, and personal development videos watched). The International Education Standards of which iCPAR subscribes to require each member to attain a total of 40 hours per year, 20 of structured and 20 of unstructured.

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