iCPAR Capacity Building Programs

iCPAR programs nurture the kind of dynamic thinking that gives you the stamina to jump to the rising growth curve while competition slows down or nose dives. We encourage you to grab this strategic opportunity and shape unique, effective forward looking answers that serve you. Drive sustainable performance by gaining from the solid products below,

Financial Reporting and Auditing: Achieve full compliance with international accounting and auditing standards.
Business Process Optimization: Strategically balance cost, service and value by linking people, technology, process, controls and governance for smart response(s) to complex business challenges.
Strategic Risk Management: Combine art and science in effectively meeting the uncertain black swans of tomorrow through watertight risk anticipation and mitigation solutions.
Leadership, Governance and Management: Generate shared value through focused leadership by avoiding traps that can destroy your organization. Our globally tested solutions respond to your strategic leadership concerns and enable you to survive and thrive.
Sustainability: You don’t have to choose between making profit and doing good. Both can be achieved through balance of cost, quality, service, environment and society. Embrace sustainable performance and corporate citizenship for long term prosperity.
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1. iCPAR 2012 Annual Seminar (July 11th – 13th 2012:Serena, Lake Kivu – Gisenyi)

Do you have the ability to Inspire Change? Create Sustainable Performance? Deliver Results? Thrive in a Modern Complex Business Environment? These Strategic Questions are at the Very Core of Your Business Agenda. iCPAR has organized this event to offer you exposure to knowledge and outstanding networking opportunities for business growth that will enable you to Uncover the Definitive and Practical Solutions through;

  1. Impact of Public Accountability on Socio-Economic Development in East Africa
  2. Leadership and Governance: Focus on Competitiveness and Sustainability
  3. Standards Updates: IPSAS, IFRSs, IFRS for SMEs, ISAs
  4. The EAC Tax Regimes: Integration Status
  5. Infrastructure and Development in East Africa
  6. Strategic Risk Management: Focus on the Balanced Score Card (BSC)

2. International Conference on Customer Care (August 16th – 17th 2012, Kigali)

Do you have a customer care strategy? You have a service charter that is in force? Are you generating value/profitability through customer care? Do you know what your clients think of your service/ product?
This conference will empower corporate leaders and technical staff to revamp business growth through deliberate investments in customer care. It doesn’t have to be complex or expensive. Come and find out why and how. The following will be addressed,

    1. Rwanda Vision 2020: Delivering the Promise Through Great Customer Care
    2. Generating Trust: Gaining Influence with Difficult People
    3. How to Make a Billion Dollars Through Great Customer Care Strategy
    4. Adding Value to Your Business: Focus on Customer Relationship Management
    5. Addressing Customer’s Rights: The Service Charter
    6. Customer Care: What the Most Successful Organisations do Differently

3. Regional Public Sector Accountability Forum (26th – 28th September 2012)

By seeking to improve Public Accountability and emphasizing the link between Public Accountability and Economic Development in line with the vision 2020, this regional forum will provide synergistic approaches by addressing,

  1. Public Sector Accountability and Financial Management Reform Programs: Way Forward
  2. Impact of IPSAS on Sovereign Debt Management
  3. Adoption of IPSAS in Africa: Case Studies on Success Stories
  4. Consolidation of Government Accounts: Plenary Sessions
  5. Public Procurement and Accountability in Public Sector
  6. Standards Updates (Technical IPSAS Components)
  7. Transparency and Accountability: Focus on Professionalism and Ethics
  8. Breakout sessions:
    • Application of IPSAS (Focus on IPSAS 1: Presentation of Financial Statements)
    • Policy Leadership on IPSAS adoption – Addressing the Bottlenecks.

4. Internal Audit, Risk, Control and Governance Workshop (November 27th – 28th 2012, Kigali)

Whether dealing with highly expected risk situations or black swan events, corporate leadership continues to face a major hurdle in not only identifying risks but in having both a proactive and crisis response strategy. This workshop has been planned to address current and emerging issues in the area of Audit, Risk, Control and Governance and thus provide concretized solutions to the underlying audit, risk and organizational challenges.

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