What is an exemption?
If you already have some qualifications you may not have to take all of the
exams in the CPA and CAT Qualifications. These are called exemptions and means
that you will start your studies at the right level matching your current
competences (knowledge, skills, and attitudes).
Why does ICPAR award exemptions?
The process of awarding exemptions is very strict as we need to ensure we are
confident that the prior learning matches the skills and knowledge needed for
the ICPAR Qualification.
There are several routes many students undertake prior learning which is
equivalent to some ICPAR exams. Where appropriate, ICPAR wishes to ensure
that students' entry points match the knowledge and skills they have acquired
from their previous qualifications.
What types of qualification does ICPAR award exemptions to?
We offer exemptions considering various qualifications offered in recognized
institutions worldwide ranging from diplomas, undergraduates’ degrees, Masters
and professional qualifications.
What exemptions are available?
At least a maximum of eight exams in foundation levels and one paper at
intermediate level can be exempted for academic degree holders. to maintain the
quality of the qualification we don’t award exemptions in advanced level papers
except those who have undertaken other equivalent accountancy professional
courses in advanced levels as well. Certified Accounting Technician (CAT)
qualified people from ICPAR will be exempted from CPA foundation level 1&2
exams, Auditing at intermediate level except for F1.1. Business Mathematics and
quantitative methods.
How can I find out what exemptions I'm entitled to?
You will navigate through ICPAR website and you will find an exemption policy
that will help you to know possible papers that you can be exempted from or you
can use our online exemptions navigator to know tentative exemptions based on
your prior qualifications or you may send your qualifications transcripts and wait
for a response determining how many exemptions you are entitled too.
How can I apply for exemptions?
You can do it online and a confirmation email will be sent to you. Please send
your documents through the following email exemptions@icparwanda.com.
When can I apply for exemptions?
You apply for exemptions before and after registration as an ICPAR student. If
you have gained additional qualifications since you first registered as a student
and believe you may be eligible for further exemptions, you can apply for these
at any time. This will be done after verifying your academic papers, scanned
copies can be sent through ICPAR students’ platform (www.icparwanda.com). All
the exempted papers will first be confirmed by ICPAR. Exemptions can be
granted to papers that have not been attempted and failed.
What documents do I need to submit with my application for exemptions?
Copies of your academic/professional transcripts and certificates. Academic
papers from foreign institutions should be taken to Higher Education Council
(HEC), Workforce Development Authority (WDA) and Rwanda Education Board
(REB) for an equivalence to Rwanda Education Qualifications Framework (REQF)
and those that are not in English shall be translated in English languages to
facilitate quick processing.
Do I pay for the application of exemptions?
No, there is no fee associated with this application process.
Do I pay for the exempted exam papers?
Yes, the exempted exam papers are paid for at the same rate as the
examinations fee of that particular level/or stage. ICPAR CAT holders do not pay
for exemptions while registering for CPA qualification.
How will I know if my exemption application has been approved?
ICPAR will send you a response to your email within a max period of five working
Do I need to have achieved a specified mark in my modules to claim individual
exam exemptions?
ICPAR recognizes the module pass marks set by educational institutions for
exemptions. If your institution has awarded a pass mark for a module, ICPAR will
accept this for exemption purposes.
I have not completed my degree - can I apply for registration?
Yes. You will be registered using secondary certificates provided you scored the
required points.